What to expect

Prospect members (either prospect Senior Members and prospect Cadets) are encouraged  to initially attend two or three squadron meetings to check the environment, the people and the dynamic atmosphere.

Prior to the meeting, please send an email at info@raleighwakecap.org and let us know you are thinking joining CAP and you will participate at the upcoming squadron meeting. This will make sure that somebody from the squadron will be available to answer your question and not be busy with regular business.

During the squadron meeting ask questions, talk to other members, new and non-new, see how you fit.  If you are a parent of a future cadet, ask other parents and new cadets.

Remember: Members, squadron personnel and the commander are there to answer your questions and to talk about life in CAP.

Cap is a volunteer organization of the Air Force: there is no a requirement on the hours you have to dedicate to CAP: what you give is what you can, and also, what you get.

Annual membership (tax deductible) is:

For Senior Members: $62 for National + $48 for Raleigh-Wake Squadron

For Cadets: $35 for National + $  for Raleigh-Wake Squadron

Senior members have to buy uniform for themselves: budget between 40 to 200 dollars, initially (tax deductible)

Cadets blue uniforms are paid by CAP.

Other activities (such as encampments) are paid by the member.

For a more comprehensive list of Q&A, please visit:  http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/how_to_join/



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