CAP Pilot Training

In order to fly CAP missions, each pilot must have a minimum number of Pilot In Command (PIC) time. For pilots who do not meet the PIC time requirements, training flights may be authorized to build PIC time and progress to Mission Pilot status or beyond. In order to fly CAP aircraft each pilot must be checked out in each aircraft they fly. When a checkride is successful, a CAP Form 5 is completed. This gives the pilot authorization to fly that particular model aircraft on training missions to gain additional ratings, to build time, or simply for proficiency.


      • Current Membership Card (cannot say “Temporary”).
      • Must be 17 Years of Age
      • FAA SEL Pilot License
      • Valid Class III or higher FAA Medical
      • Current Bi-Annual Flight Review (per 14CFR 61.56)
      • Must have 3 takeoffs and landing si past 90 days in category/class (per 14CFR 61.57).
  • For checkout in a High Performance aircraft (ie C182) you must:
    • 100 hours total time
  • For checkout in a Complex Aircraft (R182) you must:
    • 100 Hours total time
    • 10 Hours PIC in Complex A/C, and
    • 25 Takeoffs and landings in Complex Aircraft


  • Become familiar with
    and discuss with CAP Instructor Pilot
  • Review 14CFR 61 and 14CFR 91 as well as NTSB 830 and discuss with CAP Instructor Pilot
  • Discuss Flight Release, WMIRS·and Aircraft Payment Procedures with CAP Instructor
  • Take CAP 60-1 Online Test and Print Certificate
  • Upload your FAA License, FAA Medical, Copy of BFR, Most Recent Logbook pages (signed) into OPS_QUAL in eServicesand request validation.·
  • Review the “What do I need” section to ensure all items are pending or approved with the exception of your F5 and Aircraft Questionnaire.


  • Upon successful checkride completion, upload your F5, Questionnaire, FAA License Submit completed CAPF 5 and NCWG Form 61 package to the Unit Operations Officer for entry into WIMRS

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