Mission Observer Training

The pilot is ultimately responsible for the safety of the aircraft and crew, however, as Mission Observer, you are in charge of conducting the CAP mission activities during the sortie. The Mission Observer is responsible for taking charge of the CAP radios, overseeing the aircrew as it pertains to the sortie, logging times such as take off/landing, entering and leaving a search area etc., and among other tasks, making sure Mission Scanners take breaks to avoid fatigue. The Mission Observer helps to minimize the amount of additional stress placed on the pilot during missions and enhances safety and crew resource management (CRM).



Prerequisite Training:

  • Must be 18 Years of Age
  • Mission Scanner
  • Study and complete FEMA courses IS-100 and IS-700. Once completed, logon to E-Services on the National Website. Then click “My Operations Qualifications/ National Reports” then click “Emergency Services” then “Single-Person Achievement” enter your CAPID and the date of your ICS course into the system. You will receive an email with a link to your certificate of completion. Email the PDF file to Cpt. Wiggs at Wing HQ for validation.
  • Complete MO SQTR Prerequisite Section>
  • SQTR prerequisites must be signed by the Commander before continuing to FAM/PREP section.


  • Complete items listed on MO SQTR Familiarization and Preparatory section.
  • Fill out CAPForm 100 (Word Document) and submit to ES Officer electronically with scanned SQTR.
  • MO issued in WIMRS and shows up on CAPF 101. (Now authorized to participate in actual or training missions w/Qualified Supervisor

Advanced Tasks:

  • Complete tasks listed on MO SQTR Advanced Section
  • Complete exercise participation requirements. (Must have a Mission Number)
  • Fill out CAPForm 100 (Word Document) and submit to EF Officer electronically with scanned SQTR.
  • Print CAPForm 101 from Paperless Wing. (e-mail notification will be sent)

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