Directions to National Guard Drill Hall Facility

The North Carolina National Guard facility is located at 4105 Reedy Creek Rd in Raleigh. However the physical address is not correctly mapped  and there is no direct access from Reedy Creek Rd. Use the physical address only as a reference.

• The entrance to the NC National Guard Armory is on Reedy Creek Road roughly 600 feet from Edwards Mill Road. If you come from Edwards Mill end, the turn is before the black wrought iron fence starts. From Blue Ridge end, you turn at the end of the black fence.

• Turn on Gold Star Rd. The sign there says Prairie Ridge Nature Preserve.

• You must access the facility through a Gate House roughly 1500 feet (1/4 mile) to the South of Reedy Creek Road (See road and facility maps on page 2 for details). Pass the first gate house on your left and proceed to the second gate house on the left.


• At the Gate House you MUST show your CAP ID.

• After you enter the gate, proceed straight until you get to the end of the road. Turn left and follow road into large parking area.

• Parking area will be directly behind the Drill Hall from Reedy Creek Road

• Proceed from the parking area, under the awning covered walkway for access directly into the NC National Guard Drill Hall


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