RDU Security Bulletin

This is a collection of all the security bulletins for Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU).

You can download the entire collection (zip file) from


Please unzip the file; a subdirectory will be created containing a list of a pdf files, all searchable.

Please read also the following:

This particular Security Bulletin contains fundamental security reminders and responsibilities of every badged employee in the TSA regulated areas. RDU Airport Authority ask that employers make this document part of their daily shift briefings with their employees”. 

The following information is from the RDU Airport Authority Standard Operating Procedure, “Rules and Procedures for Unescorted Access and Operating Privileges within the GeneralAviation Area” (OP-13) dated April 7, 1997. Additional information has been incorporated from Authority issued Security Bulletins issued to tenant managers.

New Updated RDU bulletins (rev. 08162014)

All RDU Bulletins

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