Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron Holds Annual Banquet


Dec. 13, 2014 — GARNER, N.C. — Saturday, December 13 was a night cadets had been awaiting for months…. the annual squadron banquet!  After an exciting afternoon of cooking turkeys, roasting ham, creating stuffing, casserole, and dessert by Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Stone, Lt. Browning, Captain Langley, and Lt. Col. Langley, as well as advanced set-up by some of the cadet staff, the Civil Air Patrol members and their families arrived at the First Baptist Church of Garner looking sharp in their blues and corporate uniforms.  One of the biggest events and fundraisers at the Raleigh-Wake Composite squadron, it was attended by a majority of cadets and senior members from the squadron.

To begin the exciting evening, the Region Champion Raleigh Wake Color Guard presented the colors and led the room in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Next, Squadron Commander Maj. Richard Laviano, Lt Col Langley, Lt. Browning, and their families were announced and paraded through the hall to their place at the beautifully decorated head table.  The MIA/POW table ceremony was presented, and all took their seats.

The night’s ceremonies began with Squadron Commander Maj. Richard Laviano congratulating the squadron in its accomplishments and inviting guests to begin on the wonderful food.  After a time of fellowship, food, buying tickets for the raffle, and viewing items for the silent auction, the room was called to order, and a slideshow created by the public affairs cadet staff that showed a year in review was presented.  The executive staff led a “year in review” slideshow and highlighted successful Raleigh Wake activities including Airman School, emergency services activities, O-Flights, Rocketry, Encampment, CyberPatriot, and Color Guard, as well as showing just a few of the NCSA’s cadets had participated in including Civil Engineering Academy, Cadet Officer School, Hawk Mountain Ranger School, National Emergency Services Academy, and Flight Academy.

A short presentation on CyberPatriot was presented by the CyberPatriot cadets and they presented Capt. Sunman and Lt. Vestal with Amazon and Whole Foods gift cards as thanks for all they did for the team.  After a brief coffee and dessert break (and a chance to participate in the silent auction), promotions were held that included C/CMSgt. Sam Smith and C/CMSgt. Josh Thomson receiving C/2d Lt., C/2d Lt. Ari Brown recieving C/1st Lt., and C/1st Lt. Holden Browning receiving C/Capt. A special note by the cadet testing officer Capt. Vlack was that Thompson had promoted minimum time for every one of his promotions since C/Amn.

Senior members were recognized for their contribution to the cadet program and given a mug with a CAP plane and their name painted on the side.  Finally the time of the night cadets had been waiting for arrived… of the year awards.  Each of the year award cadet was given an engraved pocket knife and a plaque in recognition.

Cadet Alexis Roehrig received the Cadet Respect Award, Cadet Ari Brown Cadet Officer of the Year, Cadet Josh Thompson received Cadet Staff Member of the Year, and Cadet Browning received Cadet of the year.   Lieutenant Browning was the recipient of the Cadet Programs Senior Member of the Year Award.  The banquet was an overall success, and one of the best in Raleigh-Wake history.


Toby Vestal, C/CMSgt, CAP

Cadet Admin NCO

Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron

Hannah Fletcher, C/2d Lt, CAP

Cadet Executive Officer

Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron


Raleigh-Wake Squadron Commander Major Rich Laviano and his wife, Linda.

Photo credit: C/TSgt Dominic Coletti


The Cadet Change of Command ceremony, led by Major Laviano (far right).  The outgoing Cadet Commander, C/1st Lt Devyn Williams (2nd from left), prepares to hand off command of the squadron to the incoming commander, C/2nd Lt Ari Brown (far left).  C/2nd Lt Brick Ingle (2nd from right) serves as the guidon bearer.  Photo Credit: C/TSgt Dominic Coletti


Cadet Josh Thompson is promoted to Cadet Second Lieutenant, with help from his parents.  Photo credit: C/TSgt Dominic Coletti

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