2015 Change of Command

The Raleigh Wake Composite Squadron of Raleigh, NC, said their farewells to the former cadet commander, C/1Lt Ari Brown, as he relinquished command of the squadron on 30 Jun 2015, to C/Capt Holden Browning.


C/CMSgt Brannan Massey served as the guide-on bearer in the change of command ceremony. After the ceremony, Major Laviano swore in Captain Browning, binding him to defend the duties of CAP and to help Raleigh-Wake become an absolutely outstanding squadron. C/Capt Browning shared his thoughts on the squadron, discussing his commitment to excellence that his predecessors had shown, and his dream of the future of the squadron, which included visions of a tighter-knit squadron with professionalism higher than ever before. After wrapping up his speech with a particularly powerful closing, he proceeded to lead the cadets in the Raleigh-Wake chant, serving as an excellent start to the new cadet commander’s term.

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