Durham Bulls Game: April 15, 2015

By: C/MSgt Dominic Coletti, Cadet Public Affairs NCOIC, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron, CAP


April 15, 2015 Durham, NC—Tonight, the Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron color guard had a special invitation to present the colors at the Durham Bulls home opener. At 8:45 PM, the Raleigh-Wake color guard marched out onto the field, proudly bearing the North Carolina and United States flags. They presented the colors and acted very professionally all throughout. The crowd was quite impressed with their professionalism and gave a hearty round of applause.

The color guard’s purpose is to ensure the protection of the colors. They are also called upon to render honors to the color during the playing of the national anthem, as they did tonight. This job is one that requires incredible attention to detail, practice, and precision. This makes the job one that is incredibly prestigious and available only to those who are truly dedicated. The Raleigh-Wake color guard was commanded by Cadet Captain (C/Capt) Holden Browning, who has an affinity for everything related to drill. Captain Browning says, “The Durham Bulls Color Guard posting really gives our team to showcase the hard work we put into practicing and allows us to represent Raleigh-Wake, and NC Wing to people both inside and outside of Civil Air Patrol.”

The team, consisting of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (C/CMSgt) Zoe Vestal, Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/2dLt) Max Matthews, C/CMSgt William Smith, as well as Capt. Browning, did an outstanding job and positively represented not only Raleigh Wake but also the Civil Air Patrol. This event showcased many of the themes of CAP including leadership and professionalism.

After the color guard presented the colors, they returned to their seats satisfied with a job well done and were met with cheers from the squadron who had witnessed the performance from the stands. Then, they all enjoyed a time of fellowship watching a great game of baseball.


At the ready: The Raleigh-Wake color guard prepared to present the colors at the DBAP. (Photo credit: 1st Lt Roy Vestal, ITO, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron)


Careful Planning: Captain Woody Browning shows C/Capt Holden Browning where the color guard is to go to present the colors. (Photo credit: 1st Lt Roy Vestal, ITO, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron)


“Present, Arms”: The color guard during the presentation of the colors at the Durham Bulls home opener. (Photo credit: 1st Lt Roy Vestal, ITO, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron)

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