Raleigh-Wake Cadets Build Rockets; VFW Presents Awards: 2/10/2015


2/10/2015 — Raleigh, NC — Tonight, the cadets arrived in their dress blues uniform for a special meeting. In attendance tonight were the commander and vice commander of the Cary VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). They were here to present the VFW cadet officer award and the VFW cadet NCO award.

The  VFW awards are awarded by the VFW and are given to a cadet Non-Commissioned Officer and a cadet officer to commemorate their exceptional service to CAP. The cadets who received the awards this week were Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Zoe Vestal, Raleigh-Wake’s Cadet First Sergeant with the Cadet NCO of the Year Award. The VFW Cadet Officer of the Year Award was given to Cadet Captain Holden Browning, Raleigh-Wake’s Cadet Deputy Commander. Also presented at this meeting were the cadet of the month and the cadet staff member of the month awards which were presented to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Nicholas Stone and  Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Toby Vestal respectively.

After the awards were presented, the cadets moved to a presentation by Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Evans about Aerospace Education in preparation for the upcoming AE specialty track in which cadets are able to learn more about certain aspects of the CAP. This presentation included an activity in which cadets constructed and sent off rubber band rockets. The cadets learned about the basics of aerospace, the parts of an airplane, and about aerospace current events such as the Rosetta probe. After the class, the cadets proceded into the first activity needed for the Model Rocketry badge. The objective of the activity was to successfully build and fly a rubber band rocket. The main body of each rocket was made of a foam tube. Other parts needed were foam cut-outs for the fins, tape, zip-ties and a rubber band attached to the front for launching it. After building and testing their rockets, the cadets lined up and launched their rockets at the same time to see who’s could go the farthest.

In the class and activity held that night, cadets gained a better understanding of the basics of aerospace. Through experience they learned why rockets are built the way they are. They also took a first step toward their Model Rocketry badges.

While that was going on, several cadets practiced for their National Cadet Special Activity review boards. After the conclusion of these events, the cadets had their closing ceremonies. Overall, it was a very educational and outstanding meeting for the Raleigh-Wake cadets.


C/SMSgt Nicholas Stone, CAP

Cadet Information Technology NCOIC, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron

C/TSgt Dominic Coletti, CAP

Cadet Public Affairs NCOIC, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron


Cadet Captain Holden Browning receiving the cadet officer VFW award (All photos credit: C/TSgt Dominic Coletti)


The cadets constructing their rubber band rockets.


Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Zoe Vestal preparing to receive the VFW Cadet NCO award.

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