Raleigh Wake Composite Squadron Cadet Meeting: 8/25/15

By: C/A1C Gabriella Stapel

8/25/15, National Guard Armory – What a successful meeting!  Tonight was the last meeting of the month, called “blues week.”  Cadets came to the meeting wearing Air Force style “Blues” uniforms.  The night started out with an opening formation.  Afterwards, the flights were dismissed to proceed with inspections, a process in which a cadet’s uniform is checked in accordance with CAP regulations.  Next, the cadets moved on to character development.  Captain Sunman and Lieutenant Cozzolino gave an interesting presentation on loyalty, and what that means in different areas of life.  Afterwards, the squadron moved onto a drill block.  The cadets practiced both stationary drill and advanced marching movements, such as columns and flanks.  This gave the flight sergeants of the squadron a chance to instruct drill, which is a very valuable skill.  Afterward, the National Guard allowed cadets to view a Humvee and try night vision goggles. Finally, the cadets headed to closing formation.  On Blues Nights, promotions ceremonies are held.  Four cadets were promoted, making this a successful night for the squadron. Also, C/1st Lt. Josh Thompson received a flight suit for achieving his solo wings.  At the conclusion of promotions, the cadets left, thus ending another fantastic meeting.


Sergeant Fackrell of the NC Army National Guard discusses the possibilities within the National Guard.  (Photo credit: C/SMSgt Dominic Coletti, PAO, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron)





Cadet First Lieutenant Thompson receiving his flight suit recognizing his completion of his solo flight. (Photo credit: C/SMSgt Dominic Coletti, PAO, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron)

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